Award Prince of Asturias Award to a Mexican scientist

A team of neurobiologists in which the Mexican neurosurgeon participates Arturo Álvarez Buylla , has been distinguished with Prince of Asturias Awards of Scientific and Technical Research. As at the time, this recognition was granted to the National Autonomous University of Mexico , now corresponds the turn to one of his graduates.

In their research, scientists among which in addition to Álvarez Buylla they find each other: Joseph Altman and Giacomo Rizzolatti , discovered that a subpopulation of glial cells functions as primary progenitors of new neurons that are incorporated into the olfactory bulb. Using immunocytochemical methods, optical and electronic microscopy, we can describe in this system, the sub ventricular zone, which is the origin of olfactory cell neurogenesis in adults and the chain migration of these cells to reach the olfactory bulb, following a specific way called rostral migratory stream .

This is one of the most prestigious awards that are granted worldwide, is a pride for the Mexican scientific community, and the discoveries of this dedicated team will be an important advance in terms of neurological medicine .

Here we present a video that gives a brief review about the three award-winning scientists,

Source: Notimex and Europress

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