Avoid uncomfortable discomforts!

Among the most frequent traumatic injuries are the ankle injuries, says a study of the School of Medicine of Chile. This can have several causes: an excess of corporal weight, a violent movement of investment or a sudden stretching. Therefore it is important to strengthen this area with special exercises.


The lower end of the leg bones form the ankle joint, and the ligaments, which connect the bones together, stabilize and support the joint. However, this makes them prone to problem; example, to sprains and fractures ", indicates the National Library of Medicine of the United States.


Avoid uncomfortable discomforts!

Remember, strengthening your ankles is not the same as practicing a sport. That is why we give you these special movements, with information from sports expert Arturo Mahiques. Try them!


1. Start with a good stretch

These include moving your foot from top to bottom and from one side to the other. Try to stretch as much as possible, but to the extreme of feeling pain. Repeat each movement 20 times. Then, put your toes on the floor and with your heel make small circles.