Avoid respiratory infections at home

During the winter season it is common for diseases such as flu Y cough increase, due to sudden changes in temperature .

In this regard, the medical Alicia Guzmán , specialist in general medicine, indicates what we can do at home, to avoid viral infections :

1. Uses face masks .
2. Use rthermal opa .
3. Eat foods or supplements rich in Vitamin A, C and D , to strengthen the body's defenses.
4. Vaccinate against influenza park l.
5. Drink two liters of water per day, including natural juices and milk .
6. Eat fruits and vegetables, rich in antioxidants .
7. If you sneeze, constantly wipe your nose.
8. Avoid being in closed places.
9. If you are sick, do not greet your hand or kiss your cheek.
10. Do not do exercise outdoor.
11. There remains little time in the Sun or in the shade, by sudden changes in temperature .

The health expert reiterates that the most vulnerable groups are the elderly and children between 7 months and 9 years of age.

Therefore, Guzmán recommends taking supplements that increase your body's defenses and thus be less vulnerable to contract respiratory diseases.

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