Avoid its use!

There are products that you use every day that are harmful to your health, since they favor the development of diseases such as Cancer .

If you want to improve your quality of life and preserve your health, know the types of household products that are carcinogenic so you can replace them with something natural and zero harm.


Avoid its use!



Unicel containers

The containers you use to store your food or drink coffee are made of polystyrene, a carcinogenic compound that also causes damage to the nervous system, depression and fatigue.


Softeners, disinfectants and essences

They are the most used for not knowing the damage they cause. In fact, the Enviromental Impact Assessment Review published a study in which it was determined that cleaning products have highly carcinogenic substances, causing symptoms such as headache, irritation or nausea.


Laser printers

Believe it or not, these printers have been linked to a higher rate of diseases, including cancer.


Products for drainage and bathrooms

The products to clean the bathrooms, toilets and drains can produce a gas that is really toxic to the body. Ammonia, chlorine and many more substances when combined are very harmful to health. It is not necessary to have to resort to chemical products to clean the pipes or a bathroom, just using baking soda is enough.


Pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and insecticides

It is not necessary to use these chemicals to get rid of insects; with using insecticide soap and citroneta is more than enough.

The chemicals designed to kill insects cause cancer and other problems such as headaches, fatigue, excessive tension or nausea.


Window washers with ammonia, chlorine or bleaches

According to investigations of American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine These cleaning products, especially those that are used as a spray and are usually colored, cause cancer and the risk of developing respiratory diseases such as asthma, with children being more exposed to these problems.


Bottles that are made with polycarbonate

When these types of baby bottles are heated in the microwave, bisphenol-a and BPA are released, which in addition to being carcinogenic produce a lack of neurological development in children, while in animals, these chemicals cause problems of obesity or infertility between others.


Products for the dryer

These are manufactured with chloroform, ethanol, benzyl acetate, which are substances that are related to respiratory problems and pancreatic cancer.

To reduce the risk of cancer use natural cleaning products, they are effective and there are no harmful results for your health.

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