Avoid it and live a full sexuality!

When a relationship of partner falls into monotony, it is normal for one of the two to sit down rejected , unattractive or even, think about the separation, so it is important to talk in time and solve it, as well as find a way to end the situation, but how to overcome the rejection of the couple?

In accordance with Guy Winch, psychologist and author of the book "Squeaky Wheel: Complaining the right way to get results" details that being rejected by the couple damages self-esteem and psychological health, a situation that endangers the relationship .

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One of the main characteristics of rejection It is when the person avoids any attempt to have sexual contact, it moves away when they try to kiss or caress her, as well as to go before or afterwards to bed.


Avoid it and live a full sexuality!

The specialist details that the rejection of the couple have a greater psychological and emotional impact, since it is the person who best knows you, who is supposed to love you.

Therefore, not saying anything or "hold" the rejections will only reduce your happiness, so put the "batteries" and ends with that situation.

1. Tell him what you need . Express how you feel and what your rejections generate you partner . Do it clearly and without judging, since some people do not realize their behavior. Give him the benefit of the doubt.

2. Show the emotional impact that the rejection has had on you . Use first-person statements and give your partner space to respond.

3. Make a clear request. Express what you want and how you want it to overcome that feeling. In this way you can find solutions together.

4. Ask for suggestions . If your partner becomes defensive or resists change, ask them to explain things to you and how they see it, as well as the origin of their behavior.

5. Discuss specific things Do not assume that all changes have to be made by you partner , you also play your part, especially when it comes to privacy.

6. Constantly analyze the changes . One day a week, talk about the behavior and the changes you promised to do each day. It must be a job of the two to overcome the rejection successfully.

In a relation of partner , both must commit to do their part to overcome the problems or difficult situations that are in the way. Communication is the basis for understanding and expressing your feelings, do not leave it aside. And you, have you ever felt rejected?

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