Avoid gaining weight!

Are you one of the people who go to Supermarket and you crave everything, and even if you're on a diet succumb to the craving for a rich sweet, cookies or processed foods? Then it's time for you to learn to go shopping without gaining weight.

From this moment you will not feel bad about going purchases It is only a matter of adopting the following habits during your trip to the supermarket and enjoy your change to a healthy lifestyle.


Avoid gaining weight!


  1. Pay cash . According to a study of the Cornell University When the credit card is used, it is easier for consumers to acquire foods unhealthy
  2. Take a cart . A study published in the Journal of Marketing Research s It suggests that it is better for people to choose a car to a basket to place the products, since this prevents the purchase of food Scrap.
  3. Wear headphones. Another study published in the Journal of Marketing details that supermarkets use background music to relax the consumer and stay longer in the store, which translates into more purchases.
  4. Eat before going to the supermarket. Ingest foods healthy before going shopping will help you reduce junk food purchases. A study published in the magazine JAMA Internal Medicine points out that when going on an empty stomach they buy high-calorie products.
  5. make a list . If you are one of the people who take advantage of coupons to save a little, what you need is to make a list of the things you really need. An investigation published in the magazine Preventing Chronic Disease He details that most of the coupons include junk foods and only 3% of healthy foods.

With these tips you will achieve your goal of lowering weight , since you not only control the type of food you consume, but you will become responsible and healthy consumers. And you, do you buy junk food unconsciously?

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