Avoid dry lips

The drastic change in weather , it can be an important factor to suffer Dry lips , the extreme climate includes the Sun and the excess cold as detonators.

The first great error , and the most common is moisten the lips with saliva . in fact this does not help much since the liquid is dry as well as the lips and also the saliva has a top that irritate them.


Practical tips

  • Moisten your lips . There are oils and / or specialized balsams that are available at a low cost in pharmacies and beauty centers, the ideal is to moisturize every 3 hours.
  • Drink enough water during the day.
  • Spend a piece of cucumber by the lips, this will help their wetting.
  • If the lips are very dry, you can massage them with a toothbrush clean and water. Do this only once a week, otherwise you can irritate this area excessively.
  • Whenever you expose yourself to the sun, do not forget to make up with some lipstick with factor of protection against the UV rays .
  • Do not remove excess dry skin on the lips. Avoid possible infections.

Important observation

There are cases in which the lips dry up by keeping the mouth open during sleep. In this case it is recommended to use a lipstick with zinc oxide . This compound blocks the irritation of the enzymes of the saliva and prevents dryness.

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