Avoid complications!

after one Caesarean section , your body will have the same symptoms as if you had a natural birth, but you will also have a surgical wound that will slow down the process of Recovery .

Therefore, care after a Caesarean section They are similar to those of a natural birth, that is, rest as much as you can, eat healthy and have moderate physical activity, all this added to the supervision of the abdominal wound.


Avoid complications!

1. Change once a day the bandage you have over the incision n

If the bandage gets dirty or wet, change it immediately for a clean and dry one to avoid infection.

2. Keep your wound clean

It is recommended to wash it with hypoallergenic soap and water, without rubbing. However, for greater safety, ask your doctor for a cleaning routine.

3. Avoid baths in tubs, hot tubs and swimming pools

Stagnant water can be a source of infection, so it is best to avoid these places.

4. Avoid the effort of your abdominal muscles

For this, you must avoid going up and down stairs, lifting loads greater than your baby's and doing housework.

5. Wait a while to recover your sex life

Wait for the uterus and abdomen to heal properly before having sex again. Usually, the time is 6 to 8 weeks. Also, you should avoid using tampons.

6. Maintain good communication with your doctor

He will tell you how long you should keep your wound covered, plus you can speak to any difficulty or doubt you have.

Remember that for your baby to stay healthy, you must also be healthy. That is why you must follow all the instructions of your doctor and take all the care after a cesarean section seriously, so that you can have a quick recovery and free of complications.


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