Avoid catching the flu on the plane

A new study shows that the "danger zone" for the transmission of the flu in an airplane has a circumference of 2 seats where a person is sitting with the flu.

According to an investigation that appears inEmerging Infectious Diseases, a magazine of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States, and referred to on the site Medlineplus.con

The doctor. Paul M. Kelly , associate professor of the National University of Australia in Canberra and author of the study said "it is not a constant, but our box of 2x2x2 seats is definitely the area of ​​highest risk."


"If you find that you have sat on a 2-seat perimeter of someone who sneezes, coughs or seems to have a fever, change seat ", he advised." If you have a mask, use it or suggest to your neighbour use it, wash your hands and avoid touching your own face to minimize the chances of it spreading in that way. "

Some travel seasons could be worse than others, he said. "The flu season it is definitely the worst, and that is different in the northern hemisphere (from November to March) than in the southern hemisphere (from June to September), "Kelly said.

The doctor. Michael Zimring , director of the Wildlife and Travel Medical Center at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, said the two biggest risk factors for getting the flu while traveling are proximity to a sick passenger and the duration of the flight.

The specialist also clarified that the air of the plane does not increase the risk of transmission of influenza, since airplanes use air filters, which minimize the spread of germs.


"The further away you are from the sick person, the less likely you are to get the disease , and the less time you are exposed, the less likely you are to get the disease, "he noted.


"Wash your hands often during the flight, especially if you are about to eat something, and keep germs in the doorknob on the bathroom door and the germs on the back of the seats while grabbing you back to your seat." , advised Zimring.


"If you have good health, sleep well at night and eat healthy, you are also less likely to get sick," he added.

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