Prevention is better than cure. This line is very appropriate in the case of addictions that have destroyed so many lives. Identifying possible risks is crucial to intervene with imminent abuse. Here are some tips to prevent it, especially among young people.

* Parents should supervise their children to avoid negative influences.

* It is important to promote academic performance, skills and level of self-esteem.

* A healthy and consistent relationship can prevent these problems.


Role of parents

A significant group of young people who abuse alcohol, drugs and other substances have negative or abusive relationships with their parents. For this you must create a strong bond and cultivate a good relationship with them. How is that achieved exactly?

* Maintain good communication with your children. They need to share with you the problems that affect them and feel that you are willing to listen to them, give them shelter and comfort them.

* Avoid being judicious with your worries and avoid lecturing them.

* Get involved in their lives to be in every aspect of their growth and development. It will be easier for them to be willing to listen to you later.

* Establish rules and make sure they are met. Manage limitations but avoid being afraid of you.

* Talk to them openly about drugs and the harmful effects.

Drug prevention in school and in the community

The school is a place where children spend a large part of their time. This makes it perfect for promoting healthier relationships with peers, drug refusal skills and self-control.

The community can help with the promotion and participation in sports activities, which is considered as the best and healthiest alternative to the use of drugs.

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