Avian influenza can spread by air

According to a recent magazine publication Science , the avia flu r can spread through the air if it mutates more than five times.

According to information from the portal cnn.com , the strain H5N1 it has enough potential to transform itself and become a threat to biosecurity.

In its natural state, the virus of the H5N1 flu It is not easily spread between people through sneezing or physical contact. However, if the necessary measures are not taken, it can be deadly. As explained in the following video of National Geographic :

According to data from the World Health Organization (WHO) , there have been more 355 deaths out of a total of 602 cases.

In the investigation it was found that the virus it requires five consistent mutations to spread by air. Currently the virus He has already mutated three times.

Fortunately, a vaccine based on the genetic code of a strain of virus of the flu , including bird flu .

The specialists are also accelerating the amount of doses of vaccinations available through the use of adjuvants, which are the agents that modify the effects of vaccinations .

Finally, it is important to avoid the sudden change of temperatures and not go to crowded places to reduce the risk of infection. Beware!

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