When we get sick and the doctor prescribes antibiotics To fight the infection, we do not always follow the treatment correctly. As soon as we start to feel good, we stop taking the medication and do not take antibiotics well It can cause health problems.

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Studies conducted by the University of New Jersey , reveal that when a treatment based on antibiotics not followed correctly can cause the drug to become resistant to the virus.



When a medication is administered without a previous medical prescription it is harmful to health, it can affect some organ. It is a risk to the organism, for that reason nowadays they are not sold antibiotics without a prescription


Leave the treatment

This is very common. For example, treatments are regularly 7 days and when we 'feel good' we leave it prematurely. This causes the reappearance of virus ; It is essential that the treatment be followed to the letter.


Consumption of alcohol

Alcohol can interfere with some antibiotics . For that reason doctors do not recommend consuming alcohol until the treatment is over. The effect of antibiotics to fight the disease can be affected.

This is what causes not taking antibiotics well , so that your body recovers 100% you must follow the treatment correctly and follow the doctor's instructions.



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