Aromatherapy healing powers

It is a therapeutic discipline that takes advantage of the properties of essential oils extracted from aromatic plants, to restore balance, harmony of body and mind for the benefit of our health and beauty.

The term aromatherapy began to be used by the French chemist, René Maurice Gattefossé , who dedicated himself to his study and used it for the first time in 1928. The main method of application is through the dilution of the essences in hot water, so that the water vapor mixed with these are absorbed by means of the apparatus respiratory.



What is it for?

In this regard, Eva Obregón Domínguez, biologist and aromatherapist of the Mexican Institute of Aromatherapy (IMA), said that this discipline covers several practices, such as:

1. Self-medication in aesthetic use (baths, massages, cosmetics)2. As a complement to a medical treatment3. Therapeutic choice (French medical school)4. Component of traditional medicines such as naturopathy5. Aromatic utilization in psychology



Benefits with flower aroma

There are multiple benefits that aromatherapy brings to various ailments and ailments; the oils work like antihistamines Y analgesics , which serve to alleviate pain , reduce the stress and decrease the anxiety .

When insomnia is present at night or it is required to raise the levels of memory because the exams are approaching, aromatherapy offers special essences.


Other alternatives ...

1. Aromatherapy generates an effect of pleasure.2. It serves as anti-aging for its antioxidant properties.3. Stimulant or aphrodisiac.4. Decreases the symptoms of depression.5. Increase immunological defenses6. Corrects chronic stomach problems.7. Relieves pain caused by a blow.8. Reduces the feeling of fear.


Contraindicated in pregnancies

Pregnant women should avoid oils such as basil, cypress, hyssop, marjoram, pirola, lemon balm, sage and thyme. It is also not recommended to saturate with essential oils, either by means of a diffuser or by any other method; the air of a room in which there are minors unless extremely diluted oils are used.

In this sense, Obregón Domínguez recommends that whatever the discomfort or age of the patient, you should always consult a specialist so that the treatment is the most favorable to your health.

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