Some people are more sensitive than others to blows. We have all suffered them sometimes and the reaction of our body is not always the same.

For example, bruises , which are marks under the skin by accumulation of blood because of a blow, some are larger than others and the first thing we want is to eliminate them. For this, it is not necessary to go to the doctor, there are home remedies to remove them.

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According to studies carried out by the University of Cambridge, The bruises usually disappear after 15 days. This will depend on the dimension of the coup and the coagulation of each person, but on average that is the time in which they disappear.

But so you do not worry here we show you the home remedies to remove bruises and speed up the procedure.



It is a plant that has anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties.

The arnica ointment is applied to the affected area daily and after a few days the change is noticed. The same happens with arnica tea. Drinking a cup daily during the morning helps to reduce bruising.



Apply it in the area of ​​inflammation. The cold helps the blood vessels do not expand and the hematoma reduce its size.

It is not recommended to apply it more than 20 minutes, otherwise the result would be counterproductive.



Placing a slice on the bruise helps to fade it. Its components stimulate blood flow and cause blood to not accumulate.


This tuber absorbs accumulated blood. It contains catalase, a substance known for its ability to lighten the skin and keep cells healthy.

It is recommended to apply a slice in the affected area for 15 minutes.



If you massage your bruise, it accelerates the healing process, the circulation in the blood improves and the bruise will disappear in a short time.

It is recommended to make circular movements with the fingertips without pressing both the area.

The most important thing is to be consistent with these home remedies to remove bruises . If we apply them every day the bruise will disappear in less than what we believe.


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