Are you your worst enemy?

According to National Institute of Digestive Health and Diabetes of the United States , a healthy adult expels, on average, 14 gases a day either in the form of belching or flatulence; however, most of these should not have an odor, if the opposite occurs, then the culprits are the bacteria that are lodged in your small intestine; But can stomach gas be avoided?

The main causes of excess gas is our lifestyle; For example, talk while you eat, because while doing this action literally swallow air. The same happens when chewing gum and smoking.

Are you your worst enemy?

Identifying the bad habits that contribute to this problem can be a complicated task, since they are rooted in our way of life. Thus,GetQoralHealth It offers five habits that you must eliminate, to improve your digestive health. Get them!

1. Eat fruits in your meals. Try not to consume them at lunchtime. Fruits should always be taken alone and in helps are ideal, to improve bowel movement.

2. You eat stressed and fast. Chew and salivate all your food, make sure that each piece you put in your mouth is small (no more than a finger's size). The meal time should be a comfortable and quiet space, try not to talk about issues that stress you.

3. Excess of dairy, example milk and cheese. Try to take only yogurt rich in bacteria (acidofilus and bifidus), as they will help you balance your intestinal flora and prevent intestinal fermentation.

4. A carbohydrate-based diet. Bread, potatoes, cereals and some vegetables such as cauliflower and spinach, should be controlled in your diet. What happens with these food groups is that they are not digested, so they are fermented by bacteria, which produces gases.

5. Drink coffee. Avoid exciting drinks like coffee and substitute digestive infusions.

If you already have gas and want to control them, a good advice is to consume a piece of charcoal. This will absorb the gases and expel them through the feces. You can find it in any herbalist.


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