Are you interested in you?

The interest is demonstrated with the actions and it is important to establish it for a relationship that starts on the internet. "Nothing has been built with the words alone," he says. Valeria Schapira, specialist.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, Valeria Schapira points out that the sites to meet the partner on the internet they offer what is necessary to find the person we like and with whom we intend to establish a relationship.

However, people will realize the interest when they physically meet and exchange experiences .

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One of the first steps to identify if you are interested in you and to keep in touch with you is to arrange a meeting to get to know yourself beyond the computer , mentions Valeria Schapira.

In case that person does not allow the meeting, it is time for you to move away, since he has no initiative or interest in you, that is, he would not have a relationship I would have no future with her.

"Actions, not words. In Iinternet as in life, they do not change the relationship of a couple, it only changes the way of starting them, but the construction of a bond is taking place day by day, with acts ", concludes Valeria Schapira.

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