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The term "Nini" was created to describe a phenomenon and a generation of young people, who at the world level, had become a social problem since they neither studied nor worked; however, this concept can now be retaken for a professional field.

An "Office Nini" is one that does not have aspirations for overcoming work, nor efficiently performs its work, becoming an element that is not very productive for the company and mediocre for its environment: colleagues and friends.

Half commitment, indolence and poor performance are some of the traits of those who choose comfort instead of challenge. "It's already six o'clock, and since it's my departure time, I do not work a second more," "It was not what the boss wanted, but for the next time he does," do these phrases sound familiar?

"The Office Ninis" can be found anywhere, even you can be one; But how to know? GetQoralHealth It gives you some features:

1. When he knows he is doing his job badly and does nothing to change. He does not care about improving. He has no attitude or aptitude for the position.

2. It is mediocre in business. It stays away from results that reach the levels of expectation of the company. "That's not talked about, it's something that happens in all companies and is tolerated," he says. Francisco Quintal Velasco, general director of the Mexican consultancy Paradigmshift.

3. It has no aspirations. It does not seek to promote position or salary, prefer comfort.

Labor mediocrity or being an office "Nini" beyond having a cost for the company has it for the same work, since it is deprived of opportunities to improve and personal fulfillment. So, what do you want to be, a "Nini" or a professional?

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