Are you addicted to suffering?

Does your pain make you feel that you belong to something or that you are an important part of a relationship? The addiction to suffering it is a condition that, in principle imperceptible, allows the person suffering from it to cover a lack or emotional need.

According to the expert Arango Guzmán, Psychotherapist and Thanatology, this addiction can be originated by different factors:

1. Cultural

2. Social

3. Religious beliefs

4. Frustration

5. Emotional needs

For an addict to suffering, the pleasure or well-being of the other is above their own, and they usually notice this disease when it presents physical manifestations: depression, fatigue or lack of motivation.

In general, addiction to suffering is present in all its relationships: work, family, friendship or partner. Since the sensation of pain makes them believe that they are important for those who love, without it they are nothing.

The specialist Arango indicates that this malaise is so frequent, that people do not realize until they have health problems. When they arise it is necessary that they go to a specialist, this in order to identify who is or who is causing this suffering.

Welfare and love must start from you, when you feel full you will be in all aspects of your life. Beware!

Video Medicine: Addicted to Suffering (September 2021).