Are they really a healthy option?

There is an idea that beverages diet contain less calories and help maintain the ideal figure, however, there is research that shows that the consumption of soft drinks damages the Health .


Drinking soft drinks regularly diet , even one per day, can be associated with greater probability of developing heart disease , stroke, diabetes , metabolic syndrome and arterial hypertension They also contribute to increase of weight ", it states Susan E. Swithers in a study conducted for Purdue University in United States.


Are they really a healthy option?

Although it makes sense that the soft drinks they are "harmless" and do not cause health problems, the investigation of Purdue University associates the consumption of soft drinks diet With the followings sufferings .

1. Diseases of the heart. Drinking one or more light soft drinks a day may increase the risk of suffering heart attack or suffer some problem cardiovascular between women. Antonio Gil , specialist of the Spanish Society of Neurology , explains that sodas contain sodium Y fructose that when consumed in excess it raises the level of arterial pressure .

2. Diabetes. Regular consumption (1 or 2 cans) of soft drinks diet can increase the risk of developing up to 60% type 2 diabetes . One of the reasons is that the aspartame , the main artificial sweetener, causes a increase of sugar in the blood and peaks at the levels of insulin , which could generate greater resistance, favoring the appearance of this disease, explains a study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition .

3. Metabolic syndrome. The Purdue University associates daily consumption of diet soda with 36% chance of developing metabolic syndrome if compared to a diet free of this drink. This condition concentrates factors of risk that raise the chances of suffering cardiovascular disease or type 2 diabetes , between glucose in the blood, arterial hypertension , excess of grease in the waist .

4. Weight gain. As these drinks are not sufficiently satisfying, it causes more calories to be consumed through solid foods, explained in the article American Journal of Clinical Nutrition .


Artificial sweeteners or "fake sugar" from these drinks trick the body into thinking it is consuming something sweet. The organism does not metabolizes these sweeteners same as glucose , causing it to accumulate and transform into fats , a condition that increases the risk of overweight" .

5. Tooth enamel wear. Mirtala Güitrón Reyes, specialist in periodontics, implantology and odontogeriatrics, explains that most cola drinks, whether light or not, contain citric or orthophosphoric acid. These wear out the enamel of the teeth and favor the accumulation of bacteria, which leads to cavities.

There is controversy if the excessive consumption of light beverages sweetened with sodium cyclamate, capable of sweetening up to 600 times more than sugar cane, could cause cancer. This artificial sweetener is approved by the Food and Drug Administration of the United States.

However, in 1970 the use of cyclamate with bladder cancer in rats was associated and its consumption was banned in several countries.


The National Cancer Institute explains that after some studies he concluded that cyclamate is not carcinogenic ".

In general, soft drinks They are not recommended if you want to take a feeding healthy . How many glasses do you usually drink every day?

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