Aquaerobic routine for a flat stomach

Are you tired of your abs? Achieve a flat stomach in a fun way with aqua aerobics, which do not put your muscles and joints at risk.

According to information published in The Huffington Post , the aerobic exercises they are effective to eliminate grease accumulated in the body, as well as rapid burners calories , but when carried out in the water, the power is doubled.

With water aerobics burn up to 11 calories per minute, in addition to increasing your physical performance. So if you want a flat stomach and toned, perform the following routine eHow :

  1. Run: With this exercise you will burn all the abdominal fat. Inside the pool, stand on the shore and set a goal with time; Do the same movement you would do out of the water.

  2. Resistance: Stand up straight with your arms at your sides. Stretch your leg to the front without bending it until it is at your waist. Return to the starting position and alternate with the other. Do 10 repetitions with each one.
  3. Jumps: Inside the pool bend a little to push yourself and jump as high as you can, without losing your balance. Do three sets of 12 repetitions.

  4. Cardio: Flex the right knee at the height of your abdomen. Take a leap and change your leg. Do 5 repetitions, take a break and make another five.

Do not forget to use some special lenses to protect your eyes while you exercise in the pool, this will allow you a better vision and you will not interrupt the repetitions.

So that these exercises be effective and achieve a flat toned belly, the water should stay at the height of your bust or in the abdominals. And you, are you ready to start with aqua aerobics?

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