Anxiety about smart cell addiction

The rise of smart phones , where you have access to the network all day is on the rise.

A study conducted by the company Digital Lab, indicates that 82.5% of women and 69.8% of men suffer some symptoms of stress Y anxiety when for some reason they can not access the network from their cell phone or because they forget it.

And is that the symptoms of dependence they are very similar to a drug , because people "think" that they can not live without their cell phone or that something is missing, which causes them to be more accelerated, in a bad mood and have an urge to be "communicated".

Some possible causes of the addiction to smart phones they are the need for security and acceptance. Through this device it is easier to be accepted and form networks of friends, by giving an image contrary to the real one or filling a gap.

The addicted person is the one with a behavior obsessive that affects their personal, work and affective environment; is able to leave everything in exchange for obtaining the object of its addiction (his cellphone ). No matter what you have to abandon.


Cell phone obsession

The psychoanalyst Enrique Novelli, member of the Argentine Psychoanalytic Association (APA), argues that technology is not only useful, but necessary, but warns:

"It's harmful if it becomes a obsession . The communication exchanges face to face impoverish. When this happens, a communication modality is created that becomes paradoxical in that it creates the illusion of being hypercommunicated when in reality it is isolated. "

According to Novelli it is said that a person is addicted to the cell phone when it becomes essential and its use is compulsive:

"If the cell phone is missing, the individual anguish . Indication of the presence of a certain danger: if I do not have mobile , I'm isolated from the world. This causes a state of helplessness. But it is enough that someone sends me a message to feel content. The contact, even if virtual , relieves me."

However, despite being living in the era of hyperconnectivity , there are few people who recognize be addicted to the cell phone . "They do not see it as a sick link."

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