Anticancer vitamins that you should know

Vitamins are essential to preserve the health of the body, prevent diseases, and affect not only your body but also your mind. In addition, they also help to prevent one of the most feared diseases in the world, the Cancer . These are some of the vitamins known for the properties they have to combat the Cancer :

Vitamin C

Also known as ascorbic acid , was first discovered to help fight scurvy. Recently it has become the center of attention due to its anti-cancer properties.

In a study conducted by Dr. Mark Levine of the National Academy of Sciences, it proved effective in the fight against cancer. In the study, the team used the vitamin to see how it would affect the cancer cells .

Laboratory tests showed that the vitamin C increases the production of hydrogen peroxide. This destroyed the cancer cells without affecting the healthy cells.


The progress


In order to achieve this effect, the vitamin had to be administered in very high doses, which meant that it had to be injected intravenously. If that sounds like good news, do not celebrate it yet.

According to Levine and his team, this does not show the direct relationship between vitamin C and Cancer . It only shows that it is essential for the increased production of hydrogen peroxide, a substance that can not be injected directly into the body.

In addition, the test was carried out on human cells carcinogenic and not in real patients. It is still too early to draw conclusions as a vitamin anti-cancer and still can not be used on patients.


Vitamin D

In addition to being antioxidant , if recent studies are confirmed, it is also an anti-cancer vitamin. Vitamin D seems to help lower the risk of breast cancer, as well as ovarian cancer. At higher doses, it may also be useful to reduce the risks of colon cancer.

In a study of American Association for Cancer Research , vitamin D seems to be able to decrease the chances of a woman developing the cancers mentioned. It is believed that this is due to flavonoids that contain foods rich in vitamin D.

We still do not know how they work, but researchers say it must be because these chemicals are anti-estrogenic . The estrogen It has been linked to breast cancer in the past.

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