There are periods in the year in which almost like a ritual we choose a cause, we get excited and have the disposition to get rid of something to cover the needs (even if they are immediate) of those who need it, even if in the future we do not even remember that they exist and we forget acts of altruism.

It is true that it is better to have a spark of goodness a year than never, but it would be better to find the motivation that keeps us engaged forever. Do you know what yours is? If not, answer this test , that can help you discover it.

1.- What inspires you to help in any cause?
a) I want everyone to have the opportunity to be well, if I can contribute to someone's achievement, I do it with pleasure.
b) It's not that I like so much to get involved in that, but there is always a friend or a relative, who write me down in their projects.
c) Of course nothing inspires me, in fact I run away from that kind of thing, 'I'm depressed' that not everything is fine.

2.- What forms do you think exist to donate?
a) There are hundreds of ways: with money, time, knowledge, in kind, in short, there are as many as you want.
b) With money or with food.
c) You just have to be aware that someone tells you what you need.

3.- What social areas interest you the most?
to all.
b) The care of the environment and culture.
c) None in particular.

4.- For you, what is the best season to be altruistic?
a) It is not a topic that is limited to a period, at any time we must be ready to help.
b) Special dates such as Christmas, Children's Day and summer, if it's about saving nature.
c) Christmas is the ideal time.

5.- What emotion does it cause you to do good to someone?
a) A lot of well-being, I feel at peace knowing that the means I have, I use them to do good.
b) Tranquility, I know that if I collaborate with something, the others will not bother me.
c) Anger, it bothers me that you can not walk anywhere without being asked for something.



Majority of A : Congratulations! Regardless of the engine, you are always willing to help, so finding your cause is not a problem for you. Surely there is an area in which you feel more comfortable, but as you are very clear that there are many ways in which you can contribute, do not hesitate to do so and that allows you to be very versatile. Continue on that path of generosity, you will continue to harvest learning and growth for yourself, while benefiting those around you.

Most B : You have no problem collaborating if they ask you to, but the important thing is that you do it on your own initiative, maybe it will help you to know how good it is to get involved in causes aimed at people, such as those whose purpose is to rescue the culture or the environment environment, after all the world is in constant renovation and requires the effort of all for its conservation. We advise you to try some of these areas, it is possible that you will find your engine to commit all year.

Majority of C : That lack of interest is not necessarily a symptom of selfishness on your part, it is also possible that your altruistic experience has not been positive or maybe it was not with someone close to you and that's why you have a bad impression and little desire to collaborate

You should know that regardless of the type of institution you support, you can investigate it about what they do with the funds they collect and also about the progress they make, this makes their mission more tangible.

Although it is true that it is not very encouraging to know adverse scenarios, also what at the moment when someone, in this case you, gets down to work, things can change markedly to improve. You dare?

"The principle of patience begins with oneself".