Annual review to preserve health

Feel good, without no physical discomfort and recognize yourself as a healthy person, it is not a guarantee of health . Many diseases begin their process silently and when they manifest, they require, in many cases, a long, cumbersome and expensive treatment, says specialist of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

Hence the importance to go at least once a year to your Family Medicine Unit so that your revision , especially if they are adults, explained the doctor Lourdes Gabriela Navarro Susano .

The clinical coordinator of Education and Health Research, of the Family Medicine Unit (UMF) number 28, stressed that, the importance of this consultation, lies in the ID on time of the risk factor's against health.

The values ​​to be determined in the annual review are according to age and sex group: weight, height, index of body mass (BMI), measurement of waist , blood pressure, level of glucose (blood sugar) and cholesterol. Women, according to age, are studied for Papanicolau and timely detection of breast cancer .

This annual review, Dr. Navarro Susano said, increases its importance when they have family background of obesity, cancer, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and diabetes.

He indicated that said valuation highlights the components of the preventive care integral to health, which consist in carrying out all the timely detection actions , promoted by the Mexican Institute of Social Security, with a preventive, curative and rehabilitation vision.

For this, he explained that the Institute has PrevenIMSS Modules , where the rightholder performs various actions, in order to provide integrated preventive care.

In this way, the user knows their risk factors and receives information on the basic subjects of education for the health care .

One advantage of going to the PrevenIMSS Modules is that no appointment is required , and any right holder can approach one of them at the time that suits him best.

The specialist of the Mexican Institute of Social Security emphasized the culture of prevention: not waiting for the appearance of any symptoms to attend, since it is always better to maintain a good state of health through self-care and avoid further treatment .  

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