Anatomical difference that improves your privacy?

Within the sexual field, men and women, face an enemy that can diminish the sexual desire l seriously: the complexes. Beyond the conceived thing, the men have fears on their appearance especially on their sexual member; example, if it should have the circumcision or not.

According to a survey of a thousand women by, 54% said they prefer that their sexual partner have a penis circumcised . This may be due to the belief that greater pleasure is experienced in addition to better hygiene.


Anatomical difference that improves your privacy?

For the secretary general of the Spanish Federation of Societies of Sexology (FESS), Miguel Ángel Cueto, the woman is not able to distinguish, during intercourse, this difference or intervene in her satisfaction sexual and it does not matter so much that he is circumcised or not his partner, but the emotional factor that unites him.

However, the preference between a penis circumcision or it is not a more subjective visual issue, since it is believed that by having this procedure the male member looks bigger.

A study conducted by the Catalan Institute of Oncology and published in the New England Journal of Medicine, revealed that the circumcision is associated with a reduction in the risk of infection of HPV by penis. In the case of men with a sexual history of multiple partners, the risk of cervical cancer in their couples feminine

Remember that everything is allowed in sexuality, always respect and trust. In the case of circumcision It is a decision you should make for yourself and not because it is the couple's desire. Take care, your health is in your hands!

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