Anahí overcomes anorexia

The anorexy it is a common disease in the middle of the show; singers and actresses, like Anahí , have been victims of this eating disorder, which is characterized by the serious loss of weight and the distorted and delirious perception of the body itself.

Anahi lived for five years with this health problem, because she saw it very normal; I had to be "pretty" to be on television. The singer says that she lived very happy with her thinness , with a weight of 35 kilos, until its heart It stopped for 8 seconds. After three years of strict treatment doctor , the support of her family and great willpower, the actress surpassed the trauma .

The following video explains that the misconception of beauty , which does not correspond to reality, generates that the stars of the show are victims of the disease.

What is anorexia?

The anorexy is characterized by the fear of increasing weight which makes the patient look fat even when he is below recommended. It is associated with serious psychological changes that cause changes in behavior, emotional behavior and a stigmatization of the body. In most cases, the malnutrition Y dehydration , for the little or no intake of food and liquids.

Although there is no specific cause that causes the disorder, there are factors that can trigger it; For example, obesity , the death of a loved one, the divorce of parents, school failures, accidents or traumatic events.

The symptom of those suffering from the disease are: absence of menstrual cycles in the women, constipation , pain abdominal, vomiting , excessive worry about the caloric composition of the food, cold sensation, obsession with the image and the scale, hyperactivity , depression and irritability .

Video Medicine: anahi anorexia 3 (March 2024).