Ana Bárbara is a mother for the third time

Singer Ana Bárbara she became a mother for the third time, with the birth of her son Jerónimo, which was procreated through the method of artificial insemination .

The little one was born on December 21, at 9:00 p.m., Caesarean section ; measured 50 centimeters and weighed 3,445 kilograms. Both the child and Ana Bárbara are in perfect health.

The artist wants to fully enjoy her baby, so she will feed him only with breastmilk .


What is artificial insemination?

The artificial insemination used by Ana Bárbara, is a method of assisted reproduction, where the spermatozoon It is deposited in the female reproductive system (ovules, uterus, cervix or fallopian tubes) with the help of specialized medical instruments, using techniques that replace copulation.

The following video explains step by step how artificial insemination is performed:

The method has an effectiveness of 15 or 17%, and the only risk that arises is the pregnancy multiple.

It is important that women who undergo this treatment are physically healthy, that their uterus and fallopian tubes function properly; the ideal is that the interested ones have an age under 37 years. And you, would you submit to a treatment like artificial insemination?

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Video Medicine: Ana Barbara Mother's Day Special - Univision (June 2021).