An aesthetic and healthy body!

Not only is it an ally for the figure, exercise takes care of your bones. Like the muscles, these are formed by tissues, which respond to the resistance and flexibility of physical activity. This is suggested by an article of the Osteoporosis and Related Bone Diseases National Resource Center . Reason enough to carry out exercises to stretch your muscles.

"After a period of tension the muscle is shortened, with the stretches you return its normal length, through it you increase the circulation of blood that nourishes them to these parts of the human body", says Francisco José Castro, professor of physical education.


An aesthetic and healthy body!

In addition to helping you gain physical strength, you can improve your appearance significantly. That's why we give you the following exercises to stretch your muscles, with information from Julio Gutiérrez, sports technician.

1. Calf Lean forward leaning against a wall, with one leg flexed to the front and the other stretched. The soles of both feet should be supported on the ground and in line forward.

2. Quadriceps. Place your knees with your legs together, on the floor (as if you were kneeling). Rest your arms on the ground, but back of your back. Your glutes should not touch your heels.

3. Flexors of the legs. Sit on the floor with one leg stretched and the other flexed. Lean to touch the ankle or foot of the stretched leg.