Amphetamines are banned in Brazil

The amphetamines they are addictive substances that are used to lose weight and to fight the fatigue , because they increase the energy level and suppress the sensation of appetite . Therefore, the direction of the National Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) approved a resolution that prohibits the commercialization of this type of medicines in Brazil.

The drugs affected by the measure are the amphepramone , femproporex Y mazindol , which are appetite suppressants. The authorities assure that the effectiveness of the products, relatively low, does not equal the risks they represent for the health of the consumers.

The following video details the effects that the amphetamines in the human body:

The amphetamines belong to a group of medicines called stimulants of the Central Nervous System ; are regularly prescribed to treat the disorder of attention deficit and hyperactivity .

The consumption of large quantities of these can generate a decrease in the body defenses , delusions , panic , aggressiveness , emotional conflicts, feelings of persecution. It creates psychological and physical dependence, so when you leave them, there may be a abstinence syndrome .  

Experts recommend avoiding the use of medications to lower weight; the ideal is to take a diet balanced and a routine exercise daily

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