Among multiple options, the best

Bath to you baby It is one of the most enjoyable experiences as a mom. It is just the opportunity to live more with him and transmit sensations of wellness , although it is true that it is also one of the moments that most worry for fear of hurting him.

A study of Bar-Ilan University of Israel confirms that the Contact skin to skin between mom and babies is essential for the optimal developing from his intelligence mental, emotional Y psychomotor .

So that this moment you enjoy it and you transmit security, GetQoralHealth Presents you 5 keys to choose the best bathtub for your baby , since it is one of the fundamental accessories that will facilitate this task.


Among multiple options, the best

Without a doubt, one of the basic elements when bathing your baby is the bath When you are going to choose between one and the other, you find yourself with multiple choices that cause you confusion, therefore, before deciding consider the following:

1. Security The first thing you must ensure is that your structure be stable and of material thermoplastic Durable or polypropylene, as it is a material hygienic and resistant.

He also takes care that the back be anti-slip to prevent the baby he slide and that the shores They are not sharp or they can hurt you.

If the model integrates rotating wheels , check that you have Brake of security and that always works properly.

2. Comfort. So that the baby is calm during the bath, it is important that the bathtub has a anatomical , as well as the seat ergonomic and with coating soft at the base of the tub.

Ideally, it should also be comfortable for you, that's why you prefer those that you can have a position Straight so you do not hurt your back and with support that allows you to have arms with room for movement.

3. Practicality. These should be as practical as possible, both for cleaning and care, so they should be easy to clean. Some include special compartments to place accessories, such as soap, shampoo, sponge, among others. Some adapt a plug in the bottom to facilitate the emptying of the water.

4. Durable. Consider those whose size is adjust Once the baby grows, this way you can seize it for more time

5. Size It is recommended that it bebroad and with enough space for better freedom of movement of the baby, although always remember to have a suitable support so that it does not slip and hurt.

It also takes into account its size with respect to space that you have for save it . There are easy folding , that fit perfectly in spaces like the closet or in a corner.

The most important thing is the security Y comfort of the little one until he turns 18 months. With these practical tips, we hope you will make the bathroom of your baby an experience fun Y safe

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