Alzheimer's and vascular dementia

There are two types of dementia that manifest themselves in older adults: the disease Alzheimer's and the vascular dementia (or by cerebral multi-infarcts). Studies conducted around the world have shown that they are the two main causes of dementia .

The dementia is a loss of brain function that occurs with certain diseases and that affects the memory , the thought , the language , the judgment and the behavior .

According Alzheimer Mexico I.A.P. (Private Assistance Institution), this disease affects between 4 and 5 million Americans, and is the fourth cause of death among adults in the United States.

  • It includes approximately 10% of those over 65
  • 18.9% of those between 75 and 84
  • 50% of those over 85 years old.

This disorder begins insidiously, with weakness, headaches, dizziness , e insomnia , irritability and severe loss of memory .

The National Institute of Aging of the United States calculates between 14 and 16 million victims of Alzheimer's in this country for the year 2050 and 100 million in the world, according to the World Health Organization (WHO)

On the other hand, vascular dementia It affects men more often than women and is more present in people between 55 and 75 years old.

The symptoms of vascular dementia They can include:

  1. Difficulty performing tasks that used to be easy, such as carrying the balance of a checkbook, participating in games (such as bridge) and learning new information or routines
  2. Get lost on familiar routes
  3. Language problems, such as having difficulty finding the name of familiar objects
  4. Losing interest in things previously enjoyed, indifferent mood
  5. Remove items
  6. Personality changes and loss of social skills



Currently there is no cure for Alzheimer's , but there are medications that can help control their manifestations and handle agitation, depression or psychotic symptoms (hallucinations or delusions ) that can occur when the disease progresses.

Refering to vascular dementia , there is no treatment to repair the damage to brain caused by small strokes, so they are only trying to correct risk factors such as arterial hypertension , smoking and high cholesterol to prevent future accidents.

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