Always beautiful…

Whether to conquer or for vanity, a common practice for many women is to use makeup to exercise or go to the gym. However, this has an effect on the appearance and the body that goes beyond beauty, can be harmful.

According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, for 46% of the gym members who were surveyed, they established that this is one of the best places to meet a partner.

Not only were they going to train, many of the participants expressed that it was a space that not only offered the opportunity to improve their physical condition but also to socialize and even develop romantic relationships.


Always beautiful…

Although it is a frequent habit, for dermatologist and author of "Heal Your Skin", Ava Shamba The use of makeup while performing a sport has adverse effects. That's why it offers some indications to avoid damage to your skin.

1. Strong bases, powders or concealers could help to clog pores. Since the pores are opened by sweating, the makeup blocks the ability of the skin to breathe. Before starting an exercise it is important that you eliminate makeup with an element that does not irritate the skin. Regardless of the shape of the cleanser, choose one that is sulfate free, that does not dry your skin and is free of synthetic fragrances to prevent skin inflammation.

2. Do not be afraid to wipe the sweat off your face with your shirt. The sweat function is mainly to cool the body. The sweat of the eccrine sweat glands is basically water and is quite clean. On the other hand, the sweat of the apocrine sweat glands of the groin, under the arms and on the feet contains bacteria, hence its smell. Exercising will make you sweat, but it will not speed up the production of sebum on your face, as it is influenced by genetics and hormones. Therefore, they do not contribute to the appearance of acne, as long as there is no direct contact with straps, clothing or equipment.

3. Beware of washing your face of makeup in the gym. Unfortunately, washing in most gyms is not regulated like in hospitals. Gym towels may look clean, but often perfumed detergents and softeners are used. While these can make the towel smell clean and look bright, the bacteria can live on the fibers of the towel cloth if it is not replaced frequently or cleaned, and thus affect your skin.

Wear makeup to exercise and other beauty habits, are not always flattering. Always try to keep your face clean if your goal is to do a routine. Remember, your health is in your hands.

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