Alternatives to stop smoking

Some former smokers begin to develop control thoughts, that is, they believe they can handle the amount of cigarettes they could consume. However, smoking is an addiction in which there is no moderation, only abstinence.

Have this kind of permissive thoughts of "Only one, I can control it" , "Nothing happens if I smoke a single cigar" , they can take him to fall back and throw away all the effort he has made.

Therefore, here we present several alternatives, so you can achieve your purpose of quitting smoking and have a better quality of life. Chek out!

Nicotine replacement therapy

For this reason, here we present some methods that will help you not to fall into the "temptation" of smoking again. An example of this are the products of nicotine replacement , which provide small, continuous doses of nicotine to the body, which helps relieve the withdrawal symptoms that people who try to quit often feel.

They are available in four forms (patches, chewing gum, nasal spray and inhaler). There is evidence that the combination of nicotine patch with chewing gum or nasal spray increases the proportion of those who quit smoking, compared to the use of a single type of nicotine replacement therapy.

The researchers recommend combining nicotine replacement therapy with the advice or advice of a doctor, dentist, pharmacist or other medical provider.

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