Alternative homeopathy for weight loss

Overweight and obesity are among the most common health problems in Mexico. A large number of Mexicans die each year due to problems related to weight and unhealthy eating habits.

The number of Mexicans suffering from obesity is increasing, which is why it has become a serious problem.

How does the government respond? Every year thousands of pesos are spent on services and products to lose weight. However, alternative medicine, and homeopathy in particular, offer methods on how to lose those pounds in a healthy and natural way.

Homeopathic remedies that can help a person lose weight are not magic products that result overnight. These resources will help a person improving their digestion and metabolism. These are some of the substances that can be taken to begin your path to weight loss.

Antimonium crudum

It can help you when you are always irritated by not being able to eat normally. Take about 7 tablespoons in the morning and afternoon for five days.

Argentum nitricum

Eliminate your desire for sweets, you can take about 9 tablespoons twice a day for a week.

Calcarea carbónica

It will help control your appetite. Take 6 tablespoons three times a day for a week.



Recommended for pre-menopausal women who are having difficulty losing weight. Take about 9 tablespoons, in the morning and in the afternoon for five days.


It is a medicine that you should take if you feel like eating every time you are tense or nervous. 9 tablespoons in the morning and afternoon, for five days.

Homeopaths often say that using these substances, weight loss, is very effective. In fact, some say that the results are seen after 2 months. But we must clarify that lifestyle and diet influence to achieve good results.

Homeopaths work closely with nutritionists to help them develop the proper diets. Most people who start exercising, still lose weight. This is because their diet is not controlled. It could also be the other way around. In the end, diet and exercise go hand in hand for better results.

Homeopathic doctors recommend that their patients make lifestyle changes to lose weight, such as eating in a smaller place, turning off the television when eating, drinking plenty of water to cleanse the body, eating green vegetables and fruits to increase fiber.

There are about 189 medications for problems of overweight and obesity. There are international studies that show that homeopathic treatments are very effective in reducing weight. The type of medication that the patient uses will depend on his evaluation. As a motivation, it is important to visualize that weight loss is not just about looking good and wearing clothes that you could not wear before, but also about improving your health.

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