Alonso Lujambio has bone marrow cancer

The former secretary of Public Education, Alonso Lujambio Irazábal , reappeared this Wednesday, August 29 in the Senate of the Republic.

Lujambio, who suffers bone marrow cancer , went in a wheelchair to register as a senator and participate in the constituent session of the LXII Legislature of the Upper House.

One fact that surprised everyone is that he wore a patch and explained why a problem in the central nervous system causes double vision and to improve this, you should use a patch:

"The only way to not see double is to use a patch, it's not that my eyes are wrong, it's a coordination problem, I'll use a patch as soon as that coordination problem exists due to an effect of the central nervous system," he explained.


What is multiple myeloma?

Is a cancer of the cells plasma in the bone marrow , that is, it occurs when they grow out of control and form tumors in areas of bone solid. Commonly affects people over 40 years.

The excessive proliferation of those tumors makes it more difficult for the marrow to produce platelets Y blood cells healthy

The following video explains what the multiple myeloma :

Among the symptoms that manifest themselves of this disease are bleeding, fatigue , anemia , fever , difficulty breathing and fractures.

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