aloe vera

Some people are more sensitive than others to Sun burns . The Amps or blisters appear easily when one is exposed to the sun for long hours or daily. exist remedies for sunburn that can alleviate them quickly.

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According to a study conducted by experts in skin cancer of the Secretary of Health of Mexico City , year after year the statistics of melanomas caused by sunburn increases. One of the main signs of skin cancer are the moles that appear after these burns.

These moles can appear after the ampules or ampules that cause the UV rays ; so that these do not affect and hurt your skin, here we show you some remedies for your care ...


aloe vera

It has a healing power of deep penetration in the skin, it is recommended to apply it after the shower to achieve a better absorption.

Video Medicine: [ASMR] Surgery On Aloe Vera Leaf (February 2023).