Allergic rhinitis decreases with propolis

The propolis It has become a natural remedy for many ailments, for the number of health benefits. This is a substance resinous which is collected by the bees , mainly from the bark of the poplars and conifers.

The propolis It is useful in the treatment of allergies , one more of its benefits. Some studies have shown that the bee propolis reduces the effect of seasonal allergies because it works like an effective antihistamine .

To learn more about the allergic rhinitis and its causes, we present a video of the otorhinolaryngologist Dr. Olivia Avila , who in an interview with GetQoralHealth he explains:

His properties antibacterial they are also important when dealing with allergic rhinitis , as well as constant sneezing by histamines ; also, fight the cold common and sore throat. As such, it can be an effective remedy for flu .

Another benefit of propolis is that it helps in the healing of second degree burns , because it reduces the inflammation of the skin burned. It also encourages the formation of collagen and increases the cellular metabolism and the circulation .

Since this natural resin it is a rich source of antioxidants , its consumption will also help the body to deal with the stress , the fatigue , and the dehydration caused by heat, so it can be particularly useful for athletes. In addition, it can be useful in the protection of injuries caused by carrying out different sports activities.

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