All up to you!

Do you dream of finding the partner of your life and that your love last forever ? A relationship can last a long time, but it depends on what you do to maintain that stable love.

In an interview for GetQoralHealth, the psychotherapist Mario Guerra, a spokesperson , details that at the beginning of the relationship the love It is very striking, but with time it changes to a more lasting but less showy love.


"Many people believe that they are no longer in love because they feel that love has changed. Then they want to feel butterflies in their stomachs and the initial romance, but it is no longer possible because the brain gets used to the feeling of being with that person "


All up to you!

Mario Guerra clarifies that if the couple talks, solves their problems and continues to maintain romantic actions, it is very likely that they will stay together. He also shares the following tips to achieve it.

1. Reciprocal trust

It is essential that both have confidence in each other, be sincere, be able to talk about problems and stay in communication.


"Remember that when your partner tells you something is not necessarily waiting for advice, a solution or to give you a chair on the subject. The important thing is to maintain an interested, curious attitude of connection and empathy.


"Nothing falls in love more than feeling that our partner is really interested in what we have to say and what is in our inner world."

2. Do not lose the romantic details

At the beginning it is more common for everyone to be kind, tolerant and smiling, which is lost when the relationship is over.

That is why it is important that you focus on what you love about your partner and not on what you would like to change about it.

3. Make it your priority

One of the keys is that you admire your partner and consider it within your priorities, without losing individuality.


"People who fuse in codependence, those who renounce their dreams" for love ", those who stagnate or those who use emotional blackmail as a way to" cut the wings "of their partner, make love die drowned in fear, mediocrity or the need not to be alone. "

4. Enjoy the things you do together

One of the great secrets of couples who are happy and in love over the years, is to spend time together, but doing something that keeps them connected in a common activity.

A message or a call will keep the flame of love alive, because you will let your partner know that you are interested and think about it, explains the specialist.


"You always have to keep in mind that for these actions to really serve as a good glue for love, there must be reciprocity; that is to say, both must put hands to the work to make of their relation the best place in which each one can be for the rest of his life ", concludes Mario Guerra.