Alcohol does not reveal your true personality

Drinks alcoholic often have effects on a person like disinhibition Y euphoria , it is thought that those who ingest it become more happy ; in fact, many of them would never have acted in a certain way (daring, for example) in a state not alcoholic .

In an interview for GetQoralHealth , the psychologist of FISAC,Jessica Paredes Durán, tells us if alcoholism triggers sexual desire:

If it continues to be consumed, the alcohol induces effects depressants , fails in reflexes , want to sleep , restriction in view , lack of motor coordination , and difficulty in generating words, this is why you walk without Balance and slowly; coupled with it, there is no talk logic and the ideas They are confused and disjointed.

For the above, the idea that when you drink it shows the true personality , it is false. In fact, because the alcohol decreases the ability to think properly, a subject alcoholic perform actions without reason , some can be funny , but others can hurt seriously.

How to deal with an alcoholic person?

Find out about disease to know what you are dealing with and you can have bases and tools to support it. However, professional support should be a priority.

You have to say things clearly; It is better to talk directly instead of continuing to support injuries Y wounds . The recommendation is to speak when you are calm and, of course, when the person is not alcoholized , neither raw, unveiled or needed.

There are associations and qualified personnel that can give you more information and adequate guidance. There are several ways to approach this problem, so it is best to request help.

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