Aging of the skin due to external factors

Aging is a natural process . People, as they get older, develop weak bones and the skin withers. Eventually everything ages but not necessarily at the same time.

Some people will develop Wrinkles prematurely , while others will continue to look young even in their forties. The aging process is different for everyone. For some it will be faster while for others it is a slow process.

Experts believe that aging depends in large part on the genetics from each person. There are genes that endow the person with an elastic skin and little prone to wrinkles and skin hanging. This is the reason why there are families in which everyone looks young.

However, aging is not just a function of genes. There are also external factors that contribute to its development. Some are in the environment while others are part of our own way of life. For some of these external factors , keep reading.



In addition to weakening our lungs, smoking can also result in wrinkled and stained skin. This is partly because the components of the cigarettes decrease vitamins stored in our body, especially vitamin C, necessary for the renewal of epithelial cells and an essential ingredient in the moisturization of the skin, which prevents wrinkles.

The solution: Avoid smoking even passively.


Sun exposure

This is perhaps the most important factor in the aging of the skin. Maybe because the sun has ultraviolet rays that are harmful to the skin. The sun will not only burn the skin, but also cause a dryness that will eventually lead to wrinkles . People with freckles should also take care of themselves since freckles can turn into sun spots. In addition, the rate of skin cancer in them is greater.

The solution: Use sun protection all the time, even if you will be indoors for most of the day.



Believe it or not, it is not just the heat of the sun that accelerates aging. People exposed to extremely cold climates can also develop wrinkles. This can happen even with artificial cold such as air conditioning. Cold weather can leave the skin so dry part .

The solution: Using moisturizers can help solve this problem. You can also use a humidifier in your room.

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