Aging a natural process

The effects of age In our skin they are a natural part of life, how quickly they appear and increase depends on two factors, one escapes our control, but the other depends completely on us.

Age is the result of genes and the natural passage of life. Although it is basically biological, there are some factors that can accelerate or delay the process.

The fhereditary actors Defaults are not necessarily part of aging, but these characteristics can make you look older than you are.

There are skin factors waiting for some detonator in the environment. This is because we inherit the way we are going to age. There are some who do it well and others who seem older than their chronological age.


Hereditary factor

Frequently these hereditary manifestations can be seen in small wrinkles around the eyes at an early age. That is why many call them laugh lines, when they are young.

The deepest wrinkles appear on the sides of the nose and mouth which are also hereditary traits. On the other hand, drooping eyelids are common, even in young people. Some have loose skin on the jaw. This feature can affect the entire face.

In addition to all this, there are also signs in other parts of the body that we can inherit, such as cellulitis waves varicose veins . The same can be said of the baldness , especially in men and premature gray hair.

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