Age also wreaks havoc

Although it is very common to hear that women they are a danger in front of the wheel, they are not the only ones. The mistakes made by the mens to the drive they also put their lifetime and that of other people.

According to information from the National Security Commission , the reports that the Federal Police general, indicate that of the total causes of accidents on federal highways, about 80% of the time is due to driver , 7% at vehicle , 9% to natural agents and 4% to the road.


Age also wreaks havoc

And although the years provide experience, a study published by the American Psychological Association , indicates that even healthy adults with a history of driving Sure, they tend to make more mistakes while driving as they age .

The aging causes various decreases in the functioning of the brain , and the different changes can affect skills such as: the ability to focus despite the distractions on the road, take decisions fast and avoid other vehicles or people, indicates the investigation.

While men tend to think they are more apt to drive that women, this study shows that, at least in their tests , did not obtain better results in the different tests.

The importance of knowing the mistakes that men commit drive is that by modifying them you can significantly prevent the number of accidents Y deaths what these factors cause.

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