Affects fertility

Have you ever wondered what affects the production of sperm ? Although much evidence suggests that a diet composed only of fruits and vegetables is beneficial to health, the absence of meat can also have negative repercussions on the fertility of the men.

The researchers of the Loma Linda University Medical School , they carried out a four-year investigation to find out exactly how the vegetarian diets affect the production of sperm .


Affects fertility

His inquiries found that in the vegetarian men and vegans the counting of their sperm is significantly lower compared to those that do include in your diet the meat: 50 million sperm per ml, against 70 million per ml.

Some of the arguments that the scientists in this study provide regarding the new discovery include:

1. High consumption of soy .


The theory that we have is that the vegetarians they are replacing meat with soy , containing phytoestrogens , which could be affecting the fertility ", it states Eliza Orzylowska , author of the study.

2. Lack of vitamin B12. Since this is mainly found in fish and meat , it is difficult to obtain adequate amounts for the organism only of the vegetables.

3. Start at an early age. Children who grow up with a vegetarian diet , affect the quality of sperm of puberty.


Other investigations

4. Consumption of pesticides. On the other hand, Jorge Chavarro , researcher of the Harvard University , indicates that men who ingest large quantities of fruits and vegetables with high residues of pesticides tend to have lower quality of sperm , and higher mortality.

5. Dairy elimination. In the subsistence allowance strict vegetarian that eliminate all the products derived from animals, the properties provided by the milk are lost.

The American of Nutrition and Dietetics (AND) notes that low-fat dairy they provide the calcium , the vitamin D , potassium Y proteins that a man needs for the health of the sperm .

6. Low weight. Although it is not a general characteristic of vegetarians , not getting the nutrients necessary is more feasible than the weight be less than adequate. This has the effect of decreasing the count of sperm and its bad function, says the DNA.

Orzylowska indicates that although the vegetarian men are not infertile , this is likely to play a factor in the fertility , particularly in those who are trying to conceive a baby naturally.

If you are trying to conceive a baby and you have doubts about what affects your production of sperm , consult a specialist.

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