Advice for your training

If what you are looking for is burn calories during your training , the magic equation is: Routine of cardio + force + feeding healthy low in sugars, flours and chips + Discipline .

And to enter the "mind" part, remember that more important than motivation is the commitment . Above all, think about the benefits you will have, not during the activity, but when you achieve the goal you have proposed.


Advice for your training

1. Always "progresses", that is, increase the level of training to not "entablarte" and continue having results. Modify periodical and strategically :

  • Volume (total time, series, repetitions)
  • Intensity (weight, speed, difficulty)
  • Density (rest times)

2. Work aerobic (cardiovascular) is based on the duration of the stimulus and the training heart rate. For burn calories , the intensity should be moderate: between 60 and 80% of your FCM (maximum heart rate). At this intensity, you can do:

  • Continuous methods -The same range of FCM- or
  • Intervals (varying intensity without complete or passive pauses). Try to be between 30 and 60 minutes in this area of fat burning .

3. Avoid sessions of training of over 2 hours , since after this time, due to hormonal and enzymatic issues, the rate of burning of grease returns to values ​​very similar to those of rest situations.

4. For burn calories , doing cardio to moderate intensity , you should do it after hard work.

5. The training high intensity HIIT, sprints (fractionated is the academic name of the method); the intensity in the blocks of effort reaches peaks between 80 and 100% FCM.

The higher the frequency, the less the effort time. Make sure that the total done in that FC range is between 15 Y 30 minutes .

6. In these methods: there are periods of alternating work with blocks of break total.

7. You can do them in media -aparatus-, where you can stop completely abruptly, such as: treadmill , bicycle, rope climbing machine, rower . Or activities in which you have absolute control as run , going up and down stairs, riding (cycling), swimming or skip the rope .

8. The advantage of this type of cardio -Fragmented very short to high intensity (80 and 90% of FCM), is that if you do it efficiently you can do it before or after your strength work. If you prefer to win muscle Do strength work (weights, appliances, or functional -crossfit-) before.

The motivation is temporary , the commitment is for forever . Reconcile with your body!

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