Advantages and disadvantages of retirement homes

The growing need for special services for the elderly has led to a high number of care centers in the country.

Below are some of the pros and cons of sending your loved one to a care center for older adults.


  1. Supervision. Older people receive specialized care in a center for older adults, because there they have medical professionals, nurses and caregivers.
  2. Better diet They are provided with an adequate meal. This is because older people require some nutrients and types of food that sometimes in homes can not provide because not all family members can eat. In retirement homes, your diet will be planned by a dietitian or a nutritionist, responsible for ensuring a balanced diet.


  1. Far from home. Most families do not want their elderly parents and family members to live far away from them, especially when they do not have the opportunity to see them every day because of the location.
  2. Emotional effect Sending older people to an asylum can also give the impression of not loving them or that they are a burden on the family. This can lead to feelings of depression that ultimately affect health and well-being. Be sure to explain to the older adult the reasons why you are doing it and be convinced of the idea.

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