Adulterated alcoholic beverages can cause death

Almost everyone has heard about the adulterated drinks and the adulterated alcohol, However, we see it more as an urban legend than as a reality that coexists with us every day, especially on weekends.

These drinks do not ensure quality or hygiene in its preparation, and in the absence of control in its production process, risks to the health of consumers can be generated.

There are many ways to adulterate a beverage, among the most common we find the replacement of the original liquid for another of lower quality, which is recess with water and that they be added methyl alcohol , the latter the most dangerous.

The methyl alcohol , it is not suitable for human consumption, it is a substance obtained from the distillation of wood and is used as an active substance in solvents and removers of lacquers and varnishes.

Its consumption can be fatal, since it mainly affects the Central Nervous System , destroying myelin, tissue that covers the nerves, preventing them from communicating and decreasing functions such as movement. The symptom that we can have by ingesting a adulterated drink are:

  1. Severe headaches
  2. dizziness
  3. blindness
  4. sickness
  5. threw up
  6. nervousness
  7. anxiety
  8. intense hangover

In high amounts, this compound can produce death , due to the decrease in the activity of respiratory system and cardiovascular.

The consumption of alcoholic drinks in Mexico, it exceeds 18 million boxes per year. According to the Federal Commission for the Protection of Health Risks (COFEPRIS) and the PROFECO , 45% of these, are adulterated, and do not comply with the sanitary norms of the law.


Tips to detect if the alcoholic beverage that you are consuming is adulterated

  1. The drink presents a different flavor to the accustomed
  2. Almost immediately when you drink the first few drinks, you feel cramps Y desire to evacuate
  3. Tea intoxication with very little amount of wine
  4. You feel headache and eyes, in the first glass ingested
  5. You have almost immediately, sickness or want to vomit

The main problem with beverages under this condition, is that they go on the market and are sold to consumers as if they were original products but usually cheaper prices. The Commission for the Wine and Spirits Industry estimated that 4 out of 10 bottles of alcoholic beverages consumed in Mexico are adulterated. Do not let them fool you!

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