Acute effects:

No, they are not the effective method to lose weight in a few days and neither is the solution to eliminate the belly in three days.

According to specialists, these medications, despite being free sales and without a prescription, are indicated to solve specific problems of constipation, derived from a disease, for which there is a specific medication.

That is, if you have gastritis, colitis, diabetes, hypertension or some type of kidney failure, there is a laxative indicated for your condition, without affecting your body; and they are prescribed regularly for a maximum of ten days.

When you ingest laxatives or diuretics without measure, to lose weight, you only cause these damages to your body:


Acute effects:

- They can produce watery diarrhea with severe water loss.
- Colicky pain.
- Diarrhea in children of nursing mothers.
2) Chronic effects:
- Loss of normal bowel function when used excessively.
- Poor absorption of nutrients.
- Cathartic colon.
- Constipation after catharsis.
- Dark pigmentation of the rectal mucosa.

Video Medicine: Acute versus Chronic Toxicity (October 2021).