Active listening improves social relations

One of the characteristics of success or adequate social development Are the Good relations , because nothing can be done exclusively alone . And those relations they rely on a effective communication , which is not such unless we know express ourselves Y hear adequately.

It is an obvious fact that each person, in their inner aspiration, wants or needs to be heard with respect Y courtesy . It can be said that we all want express ourselves and get more Attention Y recognition .

However, we tend to feel frustrated , because there are few who can show some remarkable domination in the art of knowing how to listen .

Know how to listen it's not about staying quiet while the other speaks . That can sometimes be insulting. The active listening is a art and as such, it must be practiced. According to the psychologist Rocío Arocha, it is essential that you have the following elements:

1. Wanting hear the other, seriously.

2. Take away my need to comment , tell how I lived it, advise , say what I feel, get along , impress , etc.

3. Avoid distractions how: cell phone, blackberry, iphone, narcissistic needs. Preferably a warm and quiet environment.

4. Give me weather and give it to the other.

5. Before the words of the other, do non-verbal expressions show that I'm listening . Facial gestures mainly.

6. Do smart and short questions , that have the intention to clarify some point. This is the most difficult.

7. Tell the other what your speech It makes me feel or think. Brief, concrete, sincere, real.

This will mean giving you an acknowledgment. I heard you, I understood what you want to say and I feel affected by it. The best thing in life is relate deeply with another human being. It is what increases the most quality of my life .

Video Medicine: Ice Breakers for Active Listening : Teaching & Learning Styles (November 2022).