Activates metabolism and reduces triglycerides

The good or bad feeding of a person is immediately reflected in their health and well-being. Therefore, it is necessary that they activate and form habits that stimulate an excellent digestive health , which will help stimulate the metabolism and reduce the triglycerides in the blood .

The majority of people with high levels of triglycerides He does not eat much fat, but his body manufactures them in excess. For this reason, they frequently increase weight without eating much.


Why do triglycerides rise?

Obviously a fruit can not travel through the blood and that's why the liver must manufacture triglycerides to be able to transport the food to the whole body. When a person is active, either because he or she exercise or your energy is at maximum, keep a check on the levels of these lipids.

It is normal to produce triglycerides even without eating much, especially in people who have low energy by:

  1. Do not have breakfast
  2. Not sleeping enough
  3. Do exercises on an empty stomach
  4. Do not consume enough proteins.
  5. Eat excess carbohydrates
  6. Ingest different types of medications

Patients who have elevated triglycerides have an increase in grease of the abdomen, fatigue, muscular pains, alopecia , hirsutism , acne , anxiety , snoring, cholesterol, fatty liver and warts. In addition, some conditions may increase the levels of triglycerides As the hyperinsulinism (insulin resistance), hypothyroidism .

To prevent the increase of triglycerides and promote good digestive health you should consume enough protein, such as egg, where the yolk contains good fats with antioxidants that prevent diseases from the heart. And you, do you have a good digestion?

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Video Medicine: Metabolism | Mobilization of Triglycerides (June 2022).