Activate your muscles from anywhere!

Which exercises has the best glute and leg routine? In an investigation of American Council on Excercise and exercise specialists at the University of Wisconsin It is detailed that they are those that represent a complete muscular activation.

Through an electromyography (EMG), the scientists analyzed that the best exercises to work the muscles of that part of the body are hip extensions, squats, movements, movements with step.

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Activate your muscles from anywhere!

To encourage you to exercise every muscle of your body, exclusively for GetQoralHealth, Salvador Garayzar, specialist in functional training of Sport City , teaches you a buttocks and legs routine that combines some of those exercises:

This routine can be practiced at home, school or when you are traveling. The important thing about these exercises is that you start with a warm up to activate the muscle and get better results.

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In addition, the use of accessories such as dumbbells, weights, steps, benches, towels and bars improves your performance and strengthens the benefits of the exercises.

Do not forget that by combining physical activity with a balanced diet you will have better results and you will get the body you have always wanted in less time. It is important that you maintain a positive attitude and have fun while doing your glute and leg routine. And you, how do you keep fit?

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